Yes or no, in Persona 5 characters uses cellphones to summon personas

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I don't really care what they do in Persona 5 as long as they have the main characters be adults. I think every Persona fan has been asking for that and I'd really love to be an adult and instead of going to school every day you could go to work, and maybe let the guy be a single father or something.

Anyways back on topic, yeah it'd be cool to summon them with cellphones. I always thought the gun thing in P3 looked cool.
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How bout characters morphing into Personas like Shadow Hearts?

Nice idea but I don't think that it'd work, I mean I don't wanna see anyone turn into Mara.

We had that happen once in the snow queen wasn't pretty.
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They should use baseball bats.... * ...per...son.... *SMACK*... daaaaa*

If they're going to hit themselves in the head I'd go with books (Monty Python Style).

lol good one....but i could see the characters using a book to summon persona
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Surprise none of my fellow megaten fans who actually played all 5 games brought up the fact that Igor used a Cell Phone with P1 and the P2 duology.
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They already used that for Devil Survivor 2.

^ This. Also the persona games always seem to have a low tech summoning mechanic (card, gun), while Devil Survivor uses technology (cell phone, DS looking thing).
Less Devil Survivor, more Shin Megami Tensei in general. What usually happens is someone makes a program that summons demons and all hell breaks loose.
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