How to get true ending? NO SPOILERS PLEASE

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Is there certain things u must do? are they difficult/complicated?
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LosDulces posted...
Is there certain things u must do? are they difficult/complicated?

When you get to Dec 3 go read a guide. That day is very important. If you screw that day up no true ending for you :P
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It can be a little tricky, but it's not hard to figure out. I'll try to explain it without spoilers.

Basically avoid the bad ending, fulfill the steps to get the normal ending.

On the final day of the game, you can run around town, talk to the characters from all the social links you finished, etc. etc.

When you talk to the last one, the game will ask if you want to go home (say No)

Then go to Junes and take the elevator (once again the game will ask if you want to go home and again...No)

And that's really it.
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Dunno if it works for P4G but I found this and it has 0 spoilers.
#5HoIlywoodPosted 11/28/2012 12:59:22 PM
what date is that plot point? in the link?

"Step 1: Avoiding the Bad Ending3
After a major plot point the investigation team will all be together and Yosuke will begin a series of questions addressed at the the Main Character. The last word that Yosuke will say to the MC before he starts answering will be "...Leader?" After that you must answer his following questions with the following responses. Mess up once and it's bad ending for you.

The Responses you should give to get on the True/Good ending path are...

First Question: Third Response
Second Question: First Response
Third Question: Third Response
Fourth Question: Second Response
Fifth Question: Third Response
Sixth Question: Second Response"
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That's the 12/03 date.
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thanks! is that guide still correct about the same answers?
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Yes, nothing has changed about that part of the game.
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Unlike the original P4, in P4G, the game even lets you know that Dec 3 is important and ask you if you want to save first.
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