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4 years ago#1
With all these new skills floating around in P4G, choosing skill sets for some characters became much harder for me. I cant seem to find any topic discussing the potential movesets for the characters, and decided a topic discussing it could be cool. So, what moves do you use on your characters or intend to use endgame?

Yosuke: Diarahan, Garudyne, Magarudyne, Masukukaja, Brave Blade, Wind Boost, Wind Amp, Wind of Youth.

(Basically what I used in P4, I know tentarafoo has uses and stuff, but Im not a fan. Simple "perfect bro" build who fits most parties.)

Chie: God Hand, Agneyastra, Power Charge, Evade Fire, Apt Pupil, Dragon Riser, Tetra Break, High Counter.

(Wasn't sure if I wanted to make her a physical nuke like this or replace apt pupil and high counter for Bufudyne and Mabufu for knockdowns, or just Mabufu. I prefer this high damage build, like in P4.)

Yukiko: Agidyne, Maragidyne/Kaen, Fire Boost, Fire Amp, Diarahan, Mediarahan/Salvation, Mind Charge, Evade Ice.

(Yuki-Chan is a difficult one to judge, Salvation is preferred, but Im debating if the 10 SP is worth it, and if Kaen is worth it over Maragidyne since it costs 12 SP extra. Alternatively, something could be dropped (Fire Boost?) for Amrita but I prefer the damage potential of the 2 boosts.)

Kanji: Primal Force, Power Charge, Matarukaja, Ziodyne, Maziodyne, Elec Amp, Evade Wind, Regenerate 3.

(Kanji could also use Dizzy Boost and his new Kan no Hamachi skill for knockdowns and abuse Vile Assault, debuff with Masukunda and Mediarama is an emergency option too, but I prefer this type of build to make use of his high power.)

Rise is Rise <3

Teddie: Bufudyne, Mabufudyne, Diarahan, Mediarahan, Samrecarm, Marakukaja, Evade Elec, Ice Amp.

(Teddie has too many good skills, and can be specialised to fit either a healer role, with both buffs, evade phys and amrita etc. or an attacker role, with both element boosts and Marakunda too. I opt for a balanced build, and Maraku over Mataru because I usually have him in a team with Kanji. I also dont like his new skill, due to the unreliability of it.)

Naoto: Mudoon, Hamaon, Myriad Arrows, Bufudyne, Megidolaon, Ziodyne, Invigorate 3, Mind Charge.

(Naoto is a weird one, I really dont know her best use. I have her like this to make it so she sinply had a good variety and allow her to hit most enemies well. She could just be a defensive beast designed to stop damage with Tetrakarn, Makarakarn and Justice Shield, but the sheer SP cost hurts. Alternatively, she could be built entirely on Hama/Mudo with the multi-targets and boosts, or go for my alternate build of 4 Dynes, Vorpal Blade, Myriad, Mind Charge and Invigorate 3 All of the builds can be supplemented with almighty too.)
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4 years ago#2
Neglected to mention a critical-centric Chie build with God Hand, Rainy Death, Apt Pupil and Revolution/Rebellion. Wont let me edit for some reason. >.>
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4 years ago#3
Bump for great justice and discussion of movesets!
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4 years ago#4
Masukukaja is made redundant by Wind of Youth.

Also "X" Boost can be dropped if someone equips an accessory that increases damage by more than 25%, since the game only takes into account the highest two elemental boosters. That doesn't mean drop "X" Amp.
4 years ago#5
I could see that being useful in some instances, but for some people like Yukiko, I cant see that happening. In general I like to have SP recover equipment or SP cost reduction, so both boost and amp are necessary to maximize damage, albeit Yukiko isn't exactly the main damage dealer of the party, so some sacrifices might be made.

But the main purpose I intended was comparing/contrasting builds, input in general is nice, though. >.>
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