[Official Thread] What did you name your Protagonist?

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User Info: VirusChris

4 years ago#1
Hey there guys! I've been curious what you guys named your MC/Protagonist for P4G and so made this thread so you can post your character's name. Here's mine:

Kurisu Narukami

I went with the Japanese spellings for Chris, my real name, and went for Narukami for the family because I wanted to do it since they announced the MC's name for the anime and I thought it would be fun! I'll go with "Chris Corona" next time around like in the PS2 I played.

PS: By the way I made this thread by typing on the Wii U. Wanted an excuse to use it and post something here.
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User Info: ChibiDeidara

4 years ago#2
Azula Beifong . Which happens to be my Real Name <3 =)
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User Info: CrayonBoy

4 years ago#3
Cos I didn't know how to use that keyboard thingie so I entered Type 0 ... quite amusing when they keep calling me either "Type" or "0" ...

User Info: Nezu Chiza

Nezu Chiza
4 years ago#4
Souji Seta.
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User Info: GuestB

4 years ago#5
Katsura Hashino (Persona 4's director) back in the PS2 days.
Sh&#333;ji Meguro (Persona 4's music composer) in the Vita version.
Hershel Layton in the second play through.
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User Info: pronouncemyname

4 years ago#6
Joe Schmo.

I'm creative like that.

User Info: vaderkid123

4 years ago#7
GuestB posted...
Hershel Layton in the second play through.

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User Info: SpacePirateSeal

4 years ago#8
Originally Kamina, but then I just changed him to Yu Narukami to be like everyone else.
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User Info: KefkaesqueXIII

4 years ago#9
I used my real name.
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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
4 years ago#10
Yu Narukami.
He already has a name. Might as well use it.
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