Persona characters may potentially appear in PS Battle Royale

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Persona? I think you mean Persona 4 only. Atlus' new golden game (no pun intended). It pains me to say it but the vast majority don't give a damn about the other titles (well not so much P3). P4 would be the only game they would use if they were serious of course.

i actually only played persona 3 and i disliked it because it was too dialogue heavy. the combat and the combat music gripped me as awesome, and i did like the building stats in school, but there was WAYYYYY too much dialogue and not enough action. game felt 70/30 simulation instead of what i wouldve liked, 70/30 combat. is this game any better with that?

You're probably better off avoiding most JRPGs, honestly. Maybe the Shin Megami Tensei series (eg Strange Journey and Nocturne), but Persona is all about character development and plot.
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well if atlus said its up to the developers of PSABR in quotations then i dont think the source matters, its more that theyve said it, and that greatly increases the possibilities, because i think the superbot team actually would want an rpg character, theyre highly requested.