the voice acting, I can't take the American accents :(

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Just answer this TC: Do you know JP? If you know okay its fine.

If you dont then your opinion is flawed and you are simply a Troll.

wich one?

Between the anime is garbage compared to the actual game, its not an opinion, its a fact that animes based on games are the worse of the bunch (Like the Sister Princess Anime....)

Yes I speak Japanese aswell as Portuguese, and again your opinion is not fact there are aspects of the anime that I feel I enjoyed more watching the anime than playing the game. And what how would that make me a troll actually dont answer that I dont want to be talking to someone who brands anyone with a different opinion a troll.

Based on previous posts in other topics, no the heck you don't.

And you're a troll because you keep presenting your [IMO bad] opinion as fact, and portraying yourself as an expert somehow.

The only voices I'd say are undeniably better in Japanese are Nanako and Naoto. Teddie's is better in English. Everyone else (except maybe Chie) is about as good in both languages. That's just my opinion, but it's probably more accurate than yours...

But I do speak Japanese I've been learning in classes for 4 years though I'm not fluent I'm able to communicate with locals officially. Why are u so angry throwing the word troll around will just make me ignore your post.
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I watched the anime in Japanese audio with English subtitles because my friend is a weeaboo, and I vastly prefer the American VA performance in the game.
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I would like it better if they all sounded Canadian. but again this is MY OPINION which some of you seem to neglect and get all pathetic and pissy about.
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At least TC recognized and didn't criticize Rise's english VA, otherwise we'd be scrapping
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thompsontalker7 posted...
At least TC recognized and didn't criticize Rise's english VA, otherwise we'd be scrapping

Yeah if he did that i would've beat him with a TV

TC please stop.Most of us here like the American VAs so take your opinions somewhere else ok
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thompsontalker7 posted...
At least TC recognized and didn't criticize Rise's english VA, otherwise we'd be scrapping

Honestly I can't put a voice to rise the jp/eng seem weird at times
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You know, sometimes I wonder why people bother putting their opinions out. I was assume TC wanted a reponse of some sort? What ws the expected reponse?

On the same token , It seems like that if someone is of the opinion that the Japanese audio is better, they are a weeaboo.
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Great, a topic about critiquing other people's work while sitting on your ass playing video games, lol.
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Is there a single JRPG that doesn't get this topic? I'd love to know. It's like the "why isn't this game open world?" topic on every WRPG ever.
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TC, I have read your post, and while I disagree with almost everything you just said, I respect that your opinion is different from mine, and I am thankful you did not try to present "The Japanese voices are better." as some sort of fact, and have been quite clear that this is just your opinion.

Thank you, and I hope you have a nice day.

Seriously guys, is that so hard?

I get tired of these topics too, but this isn't even one of the super bad ones. There's no need to set off this powder keg...any more than we already have.
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