I usually dislike English voice acting, but this is GOOD.

#1Kazuhira07Posted 12/3/2012 10:31:37 AM
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I think the V/A in MGS is terrible
3.64% (2 votes)
I think the V/A in P4G is terrible
10.91% (6 votes)
You're right and I'm wrong
5.45% (3 votes)
I like cookies ^_^
80% (44 votes)
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(I'm sorry for bringing another topic on the subject, but I only post it so people won't refrain from buying a marvelous game simply because of the Voice Acting after all the negative topics here on GameFAQs.)

I'm usually watch subbed anime with Japanese Voice acting. I also (on the PSP) usually looked for undubs on JRPGs, like Mana Khemia amongst many more. Basically what I'm saying is that the voice acting in P4 Golden is good because I say so. It's not fan-f*kin-tastic but it;s very well done at the very least. Voice acting can be switched off under options, so how can it possibly "ruin" the game?

I'm also hearing the VA is bad because they're American..? First off I'm not American, but if you think that then you're just trolling. There is not such thing as an American accent, go to New York, Louisiana then Los Angeles.. The accents are totally different. Have you ever played a Metal Gear Solid game? Do you think the voice acting was bad because they're American??? I feel sorry for you. Just out of curiosity, would you prefer an more European/British/Australian accent for this game?

So I'll say it one last time, the voice acting in this game does not disappoint. And if you personally dislike it don't come to GameFAQs posting your opinion like it's a fact. Especially when a good number of people like myself (who "usually" prefer JAP Voice Acting) have stated otherwise.

Enjoy P4G :)
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I like cookies.

Fortunately, I've outgrown video games voice acting in either languages.

This game & MGS series do fine.
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#3gogeta85Posted 12/3/2012 10:41:20 AM
That Bears voice is the only one i hate....he sounds like he does not even try to get mad when the bear is supposed to sound angry.
#4warcueidPosted 12/3/2012 11:22:24 AM
After watching the Beach Scene Party i do consider the Dub prety bad,
specialy Chie and Yosuke.
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I'm sorry what's going on? All I saw was cookies.

I like turtles BTW
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