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4 years ago#21
wilfreda posted...
Basically I used this page from one of the Japanese wikis: As far as translating that/writing up a guide in English, in principle I don't have any objection, but I've never done a FAQ before and there's already a costume guide in the Wiki section, so I'm not sure the topic is so complicated that it really needs a second guide? I could take a stab at it though if it's something people want.

I'm using that guide too, but for the love of god, I don't understand 1/3rd of what they are talking about. As for the wiki, are they actually using that JPN wiki as a reference? That JPN wiki has everything. Does the current wiki have everything as well.

Regardless, I will be typing up a costume FAQ. The question is, do you want to co-op? This statement may offend the people writing that Wiki, but I'm going to say it anyways. :)

There's 2 things that I don't like about that wiki. Even though they have their reasons and it's good in a certain way, someone might want to look at it in a certain way. The current one is divided into character costumes

1) I rather have it be divided into dates. So if one was to play the game from beginning to end, they have a chronological order of when to get all of them
2) Costumes from quests. Simply saying finish Quest ## is vague. Are there quests that are required in order to get this quest? What do I need to do for this quest, enemy, item name, etc? When is the quest available? Date of when it's available. Define "Good mood", among any other things

I might be nitpicking, but meh, I think I can do a better presentation. It's just that, to me, I don't find it as useful as it seems to be. It's there, but not organized to be user-friendly. "If you don't like it, make one yourself." I'll do just that. However, if you decide to make one by yourself, I'm fine with that too and I won't be in your way. I just want the FAQ of this game to be filled with potential guides people might want; not empty and lonely.

Sorry if I offended anyone that's has contributed to that wiki
4 years ago#22
KADFC posted...
Regardless, I will be typing up a costume FAQ. The question is, do you want to co-op?

Well, as I said, having no experience myself I'm a bit hesitant to write one on my own, but I'd be happy to help out with yours if I can. Send me a PM if you want to connect about it.
4 years ago#23
OoSubaruoO posted...
I'm still disappointed that Atlus didn't add the Ski Trip outfits.

I agree, those are really cute. They could have been a reward for rescuing Marie or in ng+ for getting the True Ending or something.
4 years ago#24
Okay, I just PM'd you. That PM does have a limit though, so I couldn't really type as much as I wanted.
4 years ago#25
SparNar607 posted...
Since it'd be nice for people to see what the costumes look like and how to get them, shouldn't this be a sticky thread?

Well...I'm not sure there's really enough information in this topic to justify making it a sticky. But if someone has a convincing reason I won't stop them from trying. :)
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