Yes or no Margeret & Igor should've had Social Links

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:D they like totally dress the same, I shoulda figured it out!

Or, by the fact that Margaret practically tells you (doesn't say the name, so I'll let you slide since you didn't play P3 ^_^).

Actually, I think she DOES say the name in New Game+, right before challenging you to a battle.
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Margaret sort of reminds me of... a rather unattractive politician who I'd prefer not to name here. I really wouldn't want to run my hand through her hair just to have to wipe it on my pants afterwards.

So, I chose the "Margaret's not my type" option.
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After the extended ending in P4G... I feel like Namatame should have had a social link...
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ughh still hate Namatame,no matter what he did or didn't do,because of him Nanako died for 3 minutes cause of him
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