How to get ultimate Personas?

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You can just rank up fusion.

Mada = Rangda + Dis + Surt. POW!

Scathach = Kikuri-hime + Parvati + Nobody uses Scathach seriously anyway

You can use ANY Persona seriously in Golden. Skill Cards and stat increases during Shuffle Time make it very simple.

Triple fusions work that way, yes. But a fusion of two of the same Arcana will yield a lower level Persona of that Arcana. So Kikuri-Hime + Parvati would not work.

Yeah, i know, i just couldn't remember the next priestess in the line, so I gave up. It's still a triple fusion, i mean.

And, well, bad memories stick. The Strange Journey Scathach in particular was the worst - High Str growth rate, higher base Str than Magic and all it learns is Myriad Arrows.

There are also Ultimate Persona with Special Fusions, Shiva being the best example.

Barong + Rangda only.