Best qoute said by a character ! Day 1 : Yu Narukami(line spoilers)

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From Arena:

Yosuke: "Boy, that Nanako-chan really sure is something, huh?"

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inferno_flamex posted...
Azure_Flame posted...
inferno_flamex posted...
"he heard crying in a room..."
"... ... Hisano and Kashiwagi monsters"

not really a line but...
(Yukiko new year date spoiler)

"Think of perverted thoughts... ..."

Even worse, it was HANAKO and Kashiwagi monsters...

OH GOD... lol.. Thanks for correcting me. XDD

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She's going to take him places a man can only dream of ;D
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Idk if this was in the game (I think you had choices to pick from) but in the anime, during the camping trip, when Kanji decided to charge the girls' camp to show he's a real man, Yu responded with

"Good, now go."
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"Is the floor okay with you?"
Two Pyramid Heads walk into a bar.
There were no survivors.
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"You and me behind the bleachers."

Nevermind, I forgot about that one. My vote has changed.

Same.Can't belevie it slipped my mind
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From: Archwing3441 | #039
I'm not sure if I'm quoting it exactly but when you're on the roof top trying to convince the girls to do the pageant
"Just do it, Dammit!"

It's just funny imagining him say that since he doesn't seem like the character to snap or scream >_<

The anime made it funnier. It had him ranting for thirty minutes for the girls to take part in the beauty pageant.

As for my vote, the sister complex Yu in Arena. I'm not going to post one line. I'll post the entire scene.
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"It's give your big bro chocolate day!"

it made me ROFL when nanako served a slime sitting on the plate to yuu XD
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from the anime in the school trip in the hotel scene before the king's game "want a picture"
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"Enter the pageant, dammit!"
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heyitsthatguy11 posted...

this one. I wish I had enough Courage to actually say this in the game
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