So why exactly is a cartoony colorful JRPG like this Rated M for Mature???

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As others have said, it's the giant dick in the chariot flailing it's hands and tentacles. And corpses hanging on telephone poles.

Also the sexual innuendo of some dungeons, maybe.

But even without all that, a giant flailing penis on wheels was probably more than enough. And now that I'm thinking about it, I just realized Mara has a mouth, and that creeps me the hell out. Big green wang? Cool. Riding a chariot? Cool. With hands and tentacles? Whatever. And it has a weirdly human mouth? NOPE.

It also has a nose, which Elizabeth pokes fun in P3, to make it more life like Mara makes a thrusting forward motion when you summon it.

Yeah that would suck to be mara and have a nose.... you would pretty much just smell

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You can definately tell an asian drew mara.
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You know I have played The Witcher 2 and it is crazy it shares the same M rating as Persona 4. I guess some really embrace the M and others were a second away from a T. Anyone that played The Witcher 2 can understand the huge difference.
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M rating games doesn't mean the game is mature. It just means it has content that young children shouldn't see. Often times I find most M rated games to be very juvenile this game is very much the perfect example. E10+ and even teen rated games tend to be more mature in story and characters.
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Same reason why some people are shocked that shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park have mature themes. Apparently people can not process that cartoon/animated does not always equate to children.
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