Rank the party members in order of your most liked to least liked

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User Info: Jsn02682

4 years ago#61
Yukiko > Yosuke > Naoto > Kanji > Rise > Chie > Teddie.

Actually fairly difficult to rank them, but Yukiko is the only character I wouldn't consider replacing in my lineup. I have never used Teddie, I WANT to like Rise but she just doesn't do it for me, and I'm just not too big a fan of Chie.
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User Info: returnal

4 years ago#62
Kanji > Naoto > Teddie > Rise > Yosuke > Yukiko > Chie

User Info: PhantasyStar23

4 years ago#63
Chie > Kanji > Teddie > Yosuke > Naoto > Yukiko > Rise

Naoto used to be on top until I actually played P4G and not just Arena.
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User Info: atma6

4 years ago#64
Naoto > Chie > Kanji > Youske > Yukiko > Teddie
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User Info: wheresatari

4 years ago#65


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User Info: ElSilverWind

4 years ago#66
Kanji <3 > Chie > Teddie > Yukiko > Rise > Naoto > Yosuck

Kanji *u*. What else can I say that hasn't been said before?
Chie - Rise I adore and they always get a laugh out of me.
Naoto is alright. She just doesn't appeal to me very much.
Yosuck . . . I don't HATE him per say, but he really grinds my gears; and I don't think he's very funny.

As for New Chie voice, it's . . . Okay? I understand what they were going for but I just like the old voice more.

User Info: Ocean_EXPLOSION

4 years ago#67
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User Info: G-Nserico

4 years ago#68
1 - Naoto, cute and inteligent, i love her.
2 - Chie, i like her, nice girl.
3 - Yukiko, i like her too, classy and refined.
4 - Teddie, funny guy.
5 - Rise, sexy, but a little silly and annoying.
6 - Kanji, good guy, but a little reckless.
7 - Yusuke. very annoying and stupid.

User Info: ConMan8

4 years ago#69
Personal preference:
Teddie > Kanji > Naoto > Yosuke > Yukiko > Chie

Battle preference:
Kanji > Chie > Teddie > Yosuke > Naoto > Yukiko

User Info: PhantomReaperX

4 years ago#70
Naoto > Kanji = Chie > Yosuke > Teddie = Rise > Yukiko
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