Your reaction if Square Enix buys Atlus?

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Pro_Tactician posted...
I was all for it then I re-read it. If it turned around to "Your reaction if Atlus buys Square Enix," then I'd fangasm all over the place.

It Atlus buys SE then I'll just be worrying over the kind of legal trouble Atlus will be getting in for stealing all that money.
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You mean like all of the terrible things that happened to Eidos when Square-Enix bought them? Don't assume that them buying a company means they'll micromanage it. If such a thing were to occur, Atlus would likely remain autonomous and Square-Enix would just provide them with funding and take a cut of the profits.
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Would be disappointed since Square has been kinda dead to me for a while,though that might change later on, but I'll live with it.
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blade113355 posted...
Yuji Kaido posted...
Once they became streamlined and merged Enix the soul of that company was gone. The creation of the racist uncle tom abomination Sazh only cements that fact.

They do make the occasional good game like Radiata Stories so I wouldn't mind if they continued that series.

...How is Sazh a uncle tom, because he doesn't act like any other black person in western games or berrat (Who as a black guy makes my skin crawl), or as much?

I liked Sazh, he was the one character who wasn't a moron besides Fang. And was likeable, I kinda felt bad for him with his son.

Yuji hates Sazh. He's a notorious troll over on the XIII boards.
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I would be happy (if they continued to let Atlus make their own games) as that would mean those of us in Europe would actually get their ******* games (Square Enix published Persona 4 in Europe) without waiting until what feels like the end of time. Seriously Atlus get your **** together!
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They've alreaey purchased the rights to Tactics Ogre which was produced by Atlus back in the SNES and PS1 days
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I'd cry if SE bought out Atlus. No more good games from Atlus, buh-bye respect from the JRPG/gaming community.
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Index has to be really hemorrhaging for that to happen.
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