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4 years ago#1
Which had the best music when you are at your home? - Results (114 votes)
P3 - Iwatodai Dorm -
50.88% (58 votes)
P4 - Signs of Love -
49.12% (56 votes)
This poll is now closed.
>Winner of the "Best Opening Music"
P3 - Burn My Dread - (42)
*P4 - Pursuing My True Self - (48)*

"Best Main Menu Music"
P3 - Brand New Days - (25)
*P4 - A Corner of Memories - (67)*

"Best Boss Music"
P3 - Master of Shadow - (13)
*P4 - I'll Face Myself - (103)*

"Best Shop Music"
*P3 - Paulowian Mall - (36)*
P4 - How Much? - (24)

"Best Victory Music"
P3 - After Battle - (11)
*P4 - Period - (66)*

"Best First Encounter Music"
*P3 - Shadow - (28)*
P4 - Awakening - (22)

It was a close match up between Pursuing My True Self and Burn My Dread with Burn My Dread taking a strong early lead, but Pursuing My True Self was able to maintain a slight lead the rest of the way through. Now is the time for the Best Home Music competition. Will the funky jams of Iwatodai Dormitory take the victory this round, or would people be swayed by the beats of Signs of Love?
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Persona 4 Golden:
4 years ago#2
omg this is one of the toughest. Iwatodai dorm really made me feel like I was living n a co-ed building, and it was amazing... but signs of love is THE song for feeling home-y (or homesick)
4 years ago#3
Signs of Love though the Dorm music is some of my fav music from P3.
4 years ago#4
'Sup dude?
4 years ago#5
Living with Determination -Iwatodai Station Arrange- > Iwatodai Dorm > Alone > Signs of Love

Signs of Love isn't BAD... it's just worse than Alone, and definitely worse than the P3 music choices.
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4 years ago#6
Signs of Love never really struck me as anything more than mediocre.
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4 years ago#7
Man, I can't choose between these two tracks. Whoever wins, we... win.
4 years ago#8
I agree with everyone else, this one is tough, but I went with Iwotodai Dorm.
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4 years ago#9
Now we're all waiting for your post on your poll for "Best final boss battle theme" so we can start ripping out our hair trying to decided whether Battle for Everyone's Soul or "The Almighty" is better.
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4 years ago#10
Iwatodai Dorm, so epic to hear another version of Bitter Dance after listening to it in Star Ocean 3.
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