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Heh, I have that planned, but probably not any time soon. We're not even half way through the potential list of 1 vs 1 match up songs that I have, but if anyone have any suggestions of future match ups that I may not have on my list, I may consider it if I deem it reasonable.

One match up that I am debating to put up is the last solo battle. Burn My Dread -Last Battle- is unique to that fight, but Traumerei used for P4 is a some what common theme used also in S Link events. Would really like to have P3's song to be part of the match up, but I dunno if it should be matched up with P4. I may reconsider if I get some positive responses for that though.

I would seperate the boss themes like:

Mist/Fog vs The Battle for Everyone's Souls - Final Boss Phase 1
The Genesis vs Burn My Dread ~Last Battle~ - Final Boss Phase 2

The circumstances of each fight are a bit different, but that's how I would do it, personally.

I would like that too, but the circumstances are indeed in issue. Fog or The Genesis(probably the best of the two imo) would be a better match for The Battle for Everyone's Souls going according to the situation.

Maybe have a special bonus round where we vote on Fog vs The Genesis? I'm not sure haha.

Heh a side poll to see which gets to duke it out with Battle for Everyone's Souls? Sounds interesting. XD
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Iwatodai d
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Broke the tie!
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Pretty close match so far.
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Living with Determination -Iwatodai Station Arrange-
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Signs of Love.

I dislike Iwatodai Dorm so much. Grr, rap.
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Definitely Iwatodai Dorm. Sometimes i would just sit there listening to the song so hours at a time.
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Now we're all waiting for your post on your poll for "Best final boss battle theme" so we can start ripping out our hair trying to decided whether Battle for Everyone's Soul or "The Almighty" is better.

...The Almighty isn't a final boss theme -_-
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This is a close one, heh. I love the dorm theme, but Signs of Love is my favorite Persona track.
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I gotta admit...I always hated Iwatodai Dorm music! There. I said it.
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