Any real SMT fans in here?

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4 years ago#1
Anybody here gonna be getting Soul Hackers and/or IV? If not I feel very sad for you people.
4 years ago#2
thats kind of ironic actually
4 years ago#3
I really want both, but I gotta get a 3DS first >_>
4 years ago#4
So that's obviously a no. Sucks to be you bro. Sucks to be you.
4 years ago#5
I am, already got Soul hackers pre ordered.

and I'll do the same for SMT IV as soon as it gets a U.S. release date.
4 years ago#6
Ready for both. Was hoping SMT 4 would hit a home console instead of a portable, but I guess I should be glad it will exist at all :|
I might make this my sig...
4 years ago#7
I have Nocturne and all of the Devil Summoner games, and I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to SMT IV.

All hail Lord Zoidberg!!!
4 years ago#8
I would be hesitant about it being on a handheld too, but after the epicness of SJ on the DS, I'm not worried at all.
Thanks for reminding me dude I gotta preorder soul hackers still, damn almost forgot!
4 years ago#9
I don't exactly feel happy for you either.
4 years ago#10
Sweet, preordered!!
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