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4 years ago#1
I keep losing in the battle with him, and I believe it is because I am underleveled, as I am only level 17. So basically what I want to know is what exactly will happen if I leave his dungeon and let the fog set it? I know the game goes back seven days, but do I lose my levels/weapons/armor/money that I accumulated during those seven days? If thats the case I just need to keep trying, because i'm not really willing to lose those...

I kill nice guy and tough guy first, but then his rampage every now and this will get my main character, and I die.
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4 years ago#2

And lastly, I am on the last day of rain, if you guys didn't pick it up from my first post.
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4 years ago#3
Use a Phys-Resistant Persona on your main character, I think I had Eligor for that battle
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4 years ago#4
You will get a game over... keep grinding :)
4 years ago#5
So I get to keep all of my stuff if I get a game over?
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4 years ago#6
And the Personas I have are


I usually just flip between Eligor and Ippon-Datara for this, since the former has fire moves and the latter has ice.

And also, I have realized that the farther in the game I get, the worse Izanagi is, so what should I fuse him with in the future? I just am not sure haha
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4 years ago#7
Nevermind.... I tried again one last time before I let the game end and I beat him easily.... what gives hahaha
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