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User Info: skunknuts

4 years ago#251
jakerscythe posted...
My first RPG was Pool of Radiance, the SSI Gold box edition.

Very cool, used to play all those AD&D Gold Box games, still have them around somewhere.

My first RPG was Dragon Warrior on the NES. The concept of grinding was so new back then, I actually LIKED doing it.

User Info: Darkcypher2

4 years ago#252
1st rpg i ever played was legend of dragoon (PS1 jam pack demo)
1st rpg i ever saw being played was valkyrie profile
1st rpg i ever owned was grandia

those 3 games along with SO2 and lunar 1&2 will always be my favorite
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User Info: ZeroX91

4 years ago#253
Uhh.. pokemon red I guess...If that doesn't count then FF VI.
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User Info: Cappuccin0

4 years ago#255
Final Fantasy 1 on the NES, too.

User Info: Oximofo

4 years ago#256
Final fantasy 1
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User Info: vault2049

4 years ago#257
Wow! This really takes me back a whole lot of years. First RPG ever? That would be the mighty Chrono Trigger for the SNES. Haven't played anything better in all this time that has passed and I still play it again and again.

I couldn't compare Chrono Trigger to any of the Shin Megami Tensei games, more specifically: To any of the Persona games. Since Persona (at least from the 3rd game) became a modern RPGs, while the likes of Chrono Trigger remain back in time, when turn-based RPGs were the boom.

Today, Persona combines dungeon crawling, turn-based battle system, and a fairly high amount of extra features, some of which are related and require to dungeon-crawling, and some others that do not but, at the same time, are related to enhancing your whole experience withing the game; dungeon-crawling or not. Hell, the extra features are so good and well done that the game could just depend on these and leave everything aside.

When I look back at time, honestly, I can't believe how the RPG genre has developed into something like this. This type of games would have been unthinkable 15 years ago.
I can't wait what they do with Persona 5.

User Info: LitCandlez

4 years ago#258
Kingdom Hearts
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User Info: AnonymousLoner

4 years ago#259
"FRUA" when I was way too young to even know what an RPG was. It was sort of a Dungeons & Dragons-type RPG making program with its own premade game. I had no freakin clue what I was doing, especially when I was trying to make one of my own.

Started out at max level and created an room that gave tons of exp upon entering; entered the room repeatedly and kept going "Yay, I'm getting free exp!" It was fun until I created a battle that ended up disintegrating myself. I had no idea how to revive my character and then I quit soon after. Good times.
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User Info: Pauld24

4 years ago#260
Mines was Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. Great game!

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