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4 years ago#1
the dungeon where you have to save marie, whats the recommended level to beat this at?
4 years ago#2
I was around level 78 when I did the dungeon and had very little trouble.
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4 years ago#3
Yeah, if you beat the December dungeon, you should be fine with this one. The only thing with this dungeon is that it has some annoying rules and effects to it. If you are that concerned, just be sure to take some Personas that can handle long/endurance type of battles(example, something with Invigorate and/or spell master) and some Personas that can break elemental resistances(there are ways around it, but having one is definitely useful). Aside from that, again, just an annoying dungeon.
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Persona 4 Golden:
4 years ago#4
so this is kinda annoying the whole, lose sp after each battle
4 years ago#5
-No items, equipments, and money can be brought in or out of the dungeon. The moment you enter, you have nothing but your Personas and a predetermined set of weapons and armor.

-Getting in to a battle and then finishing it will cause everyone to lose half of their remaining SP. If you have a Persona with Victory Cry, you will always end the battle with half of your total SP pool.

-You can't warp in and out of the dungeon unless you find an item to do so. And a lot of the items can be useful, such as regaining SP, equips that adding elemental resistances, and breaking elemental resistances. Unfortunately, some of these can be earned through battles.

-None of the battles, aside from probably Gold Hands, give you any money.

-You may run in to some locked chests, which has useful stuff, but of course, you can't bring in your Chest Keys. The only way to get those is by going "PERSONA!" with your Personas and beat the crap out of Shadows.

There are some other stuff, but these are the main annoyances.
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Persona 4 Golden:
4 years ago#6
aside from the special golden ending do you get anything else?
4 years ago#7
Valinxx posted...
aside from the special golden ending do you get anything else?

You also get a deeply fanservice-y additional anime scene at the hot springs.
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