Replace a character of your choice with a character from a past Persona game

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XRizeleaX posted...
Kuxal posted...
Yukiko -> Mitsuru
Chie -> Akihiko
Kanji -> Junpei

Keep Yosuke, Naoto and Teddie.

Why you decided to replace Kanji with Junpei,I will never know.

Two comic reliefs at once?It'd be funny with Yosuke and Junpei but come on.

It's an HONOR to be named comic relief.

Well I didn't put it in any order really, I could've wrote Kanji -> Mitsuru.
While Kanji is pretty interesting character, I kinda wish this cast that I wrote would be active in game.
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Replace Chie with Hitler.
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The_Limit posted...
Replace Chie with Mitsuru
Replace Naoto with Yukari

*grabs spear*
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Yu>Piercieng Boy
Kanji>Shinji (Certified Badass)
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First of all I would get rid of teddie for Maki Sonomora, then replace Chie with Baofu.
The rest rest I didn't mind, but I'm sir I can do better so...
Yukiko->Guido Kandori
Kanji->...Akihiko? or just keep him maybe
Rise->um...shadow Baofu
Naoto->King Leo
Yu->android Baofu
Nanako->the persona Alice

There, I think that'll do.
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