What weapon you want P5 MC use instead of a cliche sword?

#131darker95Posted 1/7/2013 5:59:36 PM
Hiroshida posted...
yea, being able to equip any weapons would be nice...if not, I'll settle for a nice double metal claws.

Or they could think of some unique weapons such as a machine gun inside a guitar case...

come on baby

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The_Limit posted...
Dual Revolvers.

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From: zhaoyun99 | #130
If somebody said Scythe sucks then they NEVER SEE OROCHI, OROCHI X, and KIYOMASA OWNED EVERYTHING WITH A SCYTHE. BTW, from now on, the only cool sword main character for me would be Dante (NOT DONTE). Oh wait, he used his Ebony and Irony to owned EVERYTHING until bosses.

I never main'd them. I preferred Yuanji, Ayane, and Ryu.
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#134SevynePosted 1/7/2013 7:57:25 PM(edited)
Dual Wield Mara Cannons.
#135MilleniaRagePosted 1/7/2013 7:57:43 PM
I generally like unique weapon types that are limited to female characters (well, I guess a male character could use them too, but...ah, well....). I particularly liked FeMC's naginata, and also perhaps a whip-type weapon (Mitsuru's last weapon was the Snow Queen Whip, but it looks more like a rod/rapier).

Chakrams might be nice.
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Tonfa doh
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From: Sevyne | #134
Dual Wield Mara Cannons.

Those exist.

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#138Kite91Posted 1/7/2013 10:22:40 PM
I guess any weapon would be fine though I vastly prefer swords over everything thing else. I've always been a swordsman and it's my preferred fighting style and what I'm best at. Although, in a turn based RPG, anything is fine.

If they, for some reason, make it an action RPG, almost anything besides guns or any ranged weapons. I am not a gun user. Guns have always been a terrible play style for me in any form.

I also prefer speed, so a fast weapon is good.

Also, for the only summoning the Persona thing, I like to think that it's because it causes mental stress, or something like that, that they can't keep them out for too long.

This is actually a bit backed up by the fact that whenever a skill is used, HP or SP is used.
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#139Birth_By_SorrowPosted 1/7/2013 10:23:26 PM
Cliche sword.
#140Kite91Posted 1/7/2013 10:28:52 PM(edited)
Although, I believe a gun would be a good sub weapon, in-case you do need range. Anything would be fine in a turn-based RPG though.
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