What weapon you want P5 MC use instead of a cliche sword?

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I wish they would go back into the choice they had in P3FES with a few new additions like claws, guns, and scythes.
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Scythes are horrendously terrible weapons in real life--due to the blade curving inward, they tend to miss A LOT. The only real way to ensure hitting with a Scythe is to widely swing in so that it slices on the inside when you bring it back in. However, actually doing this is terrible for your balance. In addition, if the scythe gets stuck in the enemy, you basically can't get it out without applying enough force to brutally bisect the enemy.

Bottom line, Sycthes look cool but are awful weapons in reality. They were built for farming, not fighting.

Try and guess what arguably one of the world's first spies were before they became the awesomeness that was Shinobis ^_^

Guess what ONE of their underrated trademark weapon was? I'll give you a hint: Koei's Samurai Warrior's Hanzo Hattori

Let me give you another hand: http://www.entertheninja.com/fact_weapons.php

Awesome? Yes. Ground in reality? ALSO yes.

TL;DR what farming tools? Look at CSI: you get some of the weirdest murder weapons in existence.
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Kama are sickles, not Scythes.
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What is this, a WRPG? You'll use a sword and you'll like it.

I laughed.
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A gun. Twin pistols to be exact. Or a magnum! =D
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well, i am an archer in real life,so bow and arrow.
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Why break tradition? The weapons used by the characters don't really matter in this series anyways. The Personas are the real focus.
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Boomerang. Clearly a boomerang. Not as the default though. What I would do is make it an extra kind of weapon, and it would hit all enemies for less damage. Like have a sword as the default, which would do, say 100 to one enemy. However, have a boomerang that would do like 70 to all enemies. I think claws could be cool too, for melee damage, kind of like Akihiko's Bladefist weapon from P3. There are so many cool options, but I think that guns are probably the worst. I was ok with Aigis doing it in P3, but only because she was a robot. I would much prefer a boomerang, or even something so simple as an axe.
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