So spoilers... Who is the main character's girlfriend(canon )?

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The game basically just throws rise and Marie at you. I know people who didn't even want to date rise but ended up doing it in accident since it's almost unavoidable. Marie's Valentine's day isn't even avoidable. The manga also pairs him with rise.
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I'm so mad right now.

..But she is. Only added as a pure fanservice.
Canon is what's in Vanilla. These silly ports only ruin the story.

Let's see where my post gets me.

Wait... So Marie-chan is not canon?

shes canon Kuxal's just a little butthurt about ports, and persona fans lately

lol just saw this

lol sorry about that, I had just got back from the vita board.
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I dunno, I think the "most true" answer is probably Marie.

In Arena, Yu doesn't have any apparent girlfriend, not even Rise (though she's kinda not "there" during Arena so...) Marie doesn't even show up in Arena, but she doesn't join any of the Investigation Team antics at any point in Golden either.

Alternatively, Yu could've just friendzoned everyone after he left Inaba so *shrug*
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