Why do they say

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Yukiko san? I thought that San meant mister. While your here what does san,chan,kun, and Sendai mean?
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They don't translate into english perfectly but roughly:

But roughly: -san is equivalent to Mr or Mrs in English , but its also the standard way of addressing someone for adults. (Well older adults, things tend to be a bit more informal with younger people).

-chan is father familiar and used for addressing young children, or teenage girls or between close friends (though usually only when addressing a female, addressing a male with it would either be insulting or imply a very close level of intimacy*).

-kun is less familiar, and is used for addressing someone who is subordinate to you, it also used for male children and teenagers and between male friends.

Senpai is used for addressing someone who has greater experience than you but who you aren't subordinate too. Eg Students in a higher year, students in a dojo of a higher belt than you but who aren't teachers.

*Sort of like how a man might be referred to as honey or sweetheart by a woman he's in a relationship with.
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Cool thanks for clearing that up
Please excuse my grammar I'm an American teenager.
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Sendai is a city.
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Skaldskaparmal posted...
Sendai is a city.

..that got hit by a earthquake.