This Pokemon is now your Persona.

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SilentHawk29 posted...
From: Zekun | #105
Ursaring isn't new, though.

I don't remember him from the GB titles. :\

As in Red and Blue? Or do you include Gold and Silver in there too? Because Ursaring was introduced in Gold and Silver.
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Huh, Illumise.
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Red/Blue/Yellow. I tried playing Ruby once only to realize it played almost identically to the originals, lol.
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Thanks Squall! but our sorceress is in another castle!
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Audino, can't beat my support abilities.
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Regigigas. Cool, this will work.
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How fitting >_>;

At least I can evolve it into an ultimate persona.......right?
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Well I'm screwed.
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Well, I can put things to sleep... and there's a couple good moves... HP is decent but that's not a Persona-dependent stat.
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