This Pokemon is now your Persona.

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4 years ago#41
I can't complain: Milotic.
4 years ago#42
Algasir posted...

I'll be over here, getting screwed. :<

Trade you my Rampardos.
If Disturbed sucks then why are their songs in the Dragonball Z movies? - ChocolateCake1
4 years ago#43

I don't care what you say, Generation II sucks.
That's just my opinion, no matter how true it may be.
4 years ago#44

4 years ago#45
Aww yea, Kakuna. I'm gonna be so boss.
4 years ago#46
Deoxys....... I think I'm good.
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4 years ago#47
Come with me in the twilight of a summer night for awhile
Tell me of a story never ever told in the past
4 years ago#48

Awesome, gonna blast those shadows with freaking back mounted water cannons....only problem will be shadows with Zio skills. - Marauder Shields Facebook page.
4 years ago#49


Plus, once my Persona evolves...
"Nothing is perfect. The world turns on a tilted axis just doing the best it can, and that's what makes it so damn beautiful." --Roy Mustang
4 years ago#50
Squirtle. I'm ok with this.
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