Best rpg battle system in your opinion?

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3 years ago#81
I have a lot of favorites, this games being way up there as well. But if i had to choose one it would have to be Suikoden 2's Six man party.

Being able to choose from over 58 members of your army, and also having epic Unite *co-op* Attacks. It made me enjoy Leveling even the weakest of characters, and making them power houses.

Honorary Mentions,

Final Fantasy VII,X- Music, Materia System/Sphere Grid, Limit Breaks, Ultimate Weapons, Summons

Persona 3/4- Loved the team attacks, Critical hits made you smile, Finding Weaknesses, and hearing Rise cheer you on made me enjoy leveling.

Star Ocean 3- Gotta love doing epic kicks from fifty feet away with Cliff, though it was glitchy and your party members wouldnt help at times, It was still fun as #$%^!

Xenogears- those combo moves were awesome to watch as well as pull off.

Chrono Cross- 40+ characters, Combos, Music, everything was great in this battle system.
3 years ago#82
Turn based: Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, or XIII (can't pick one)

ARPG: Tales of Graces F or Tales of the Abyss

Strategy: FFTactics or Let Us Cling Together
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3 years ago#83
tales of abyss battle system
3 years ago#84
Turn based: Legend of Legaia. Also really enjoyed the Mana Khemia games on PS2.

Action: Tales of Graces f and Ys Seven.

Strategy: Valkyria Chronicles and Super Robot Wars OG 2nd.

I see many people mentioned FFXIII battle system... While it did have potential to be good, the fact you can literally just mash X on auto-battle and just shift between Attack>Heal for the whole freaking storyline takes away from its value. The only really fun battles that required actual strategy were Vercingetorix and Long Gui.
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3 years ago#85
Golden Sun. It was fun, very fast-paced (random encounters were finished in seconds), looked awesome and Djinn summons. And it had awesome battle themes.
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3 years ago#86
Final Fantasy X system is my favorite, since you can see the next actions and depending of what you use, that character next turn changes. And change character during battle is always nice.
3 years ago#87
Turn Based RPG
1st. MS Saga -> able to switch party in battle, guard are really needed
2nd. P3P/ Persona 4
3rd. None
3 years ago#88
Fatalyze posted...
I think I'm going to go with Baten Kaitos. Now, a lot of card-based games are slow and boring, but Baten Kaitos did it RIGHT. Fun, fast, exciting... everything!

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The Shadow Hearts series has my favorite battle system in an RPG. I believe it was refined the best in From the New World.
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3 years ago#89
Dark Souls. The weight of each move merged action with strategy to reach, in my opinion, the most balanced battle system I've experienced (player vs. enemy of course). The slow pace allowed you to time dodges, blocks and attacks in accordance to the enemies tells in a fashion not so unlike the Punch-Out Series, which I also enjoyed immensely.
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3 years ago#90
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.
None comes closer in Turn-based RPG.
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