Best rpg battle system in your opinion?

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3 years ago#91
Tie between Star Ocean series (two and four) and early Mana games (Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3)
3 years ago#92
Grandia 3. Hated the games (although had probably some of the best graphics at the time) and the characters, but damn the gameplay was flawless and I've yet to enjoy another that much since.
3 years ago#93
Personally I like the legend of dragoon with the tap feature and timed hits.But I also like the chrono cross style of how to choose your attacks by percentage and execute!, Ill have to say legaia 2 duel saga that style of battle is unique it lets you create your own combos and moves.
3 years ago#94
Xenoblade Chronicles/Tales of Destiny/Graces(Real time) and Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2(Turn based)
3 years ago#95
Star Ocean series and Tales of Series!!!!
3 years ago#96
Dragon age 1
Grandia 3
FF tactics wotl
Chrono trigger
Chrono cross

Picks for worst: ff13 (too much to list), ff8 (punishing for leveling is a crime, and fell asleep extracting), and blue dragon (easiest rpg of all time)
3 years ago#97
Lordcrabfood is the only truly smart guy here

The Last Remnant(PC version) is the best game SE ever made,

Great history,

Best gameplay ever,

you have control to up to 18 characters per battle, it's freakin'g awesome
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3 years ago#98
My favorite is probably Xenogears. Shadow Hearts is up there too.

Another one I'm surprised no one mentioned yet, I don't think, is Saga Frontier. It's kinda simple in some ways, but it's got some depth to it. Don't tell me you don't get pumped when those lightbulbs go off and your character learns some crazy sword attack. Plus it makes for some explosive boss fights.
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3 years ago#99
For Turn-Based, I'd say Arc Rise Fantasia for its various mechanics (particularly with spells) and good boss difficulty, and SaGa Frontier for its unique learning system minus the bullcrap that comes with some of the other SaGa games (breakable weapons argh). Mechs and Monsters are awesome.

For Action-Based, I have to give it to Tales of Graces F. The combo system was a nice replacement for the typical MP system games use, and still managed to be pretty well balanced. I enjoyed it a lot more than the other Tales systems (which were good too, for the most part). However, Megaman Battle Network (the whole series) is loads of fun too. It probably has one of the most unique battle systems I've seen in an RPG, and it pulls it off really well.

For Self-Loathing, Unlimited SaGa is king.
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3 years ago#100
For me it's FInal Fantasy X. Distilled down to the perfection of a real turn based system. Weaknesses, strengths, characters who you can ultimately build however you want, but who are by default different and fulfill different rolls. And the ability to switch in party members on the fly, why the hell hasn't any turn based RPG done that since??!?! It was perfect!
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