So who did you think was behind the murder's before the ending? *minor spoilers*

#11_BTT_Posted 1/20/2013 10:52:29 PM
I originally assumed Nametame, but was always suspicious of Adachi, largely because he was being voiced by JYB.
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_BTT_ posted...
I originally assumed Nametame, but was always suspicious of Adachi, largely because he was being voiced by JYB.

Almost every character voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch is story significant in one way or another. The only exception I can think of is Devil Survivor Overclocked, where it seemed like the voice director purposely decided to give some big name voices (JYB, Yuri Lowenthal, Michelle Ruff) completely unimportant background roles. It was actually pretty funny.
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First thought was Adachi. I mean, no one is that stupid to blab police movements on a constant basis right next to Dojima. Discarded that idea for a randomly intro'd villain, but had the truth spoilt for me when I researched the December choices.

Ah well.

I did think that the gas station attendant having a voice was weird, but didnt think much beyond that...
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I got spoiled by an image before even starting the game... that sucked, but it was pretty obvious anyway.

though as for the 'conductor', nope, that caught me off guard... and I don't buy that whole thing about suspecting because of the controller vibrating in reaction to the handshake; the very first time you play the game, you can't possibly suspect of a vibration, because you don't know if the game will have more of those, and by the time you reach mid-game to confirm that, you may most likely forget about that
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How exactly are the spoilers in this topic "minor"?
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At some point, I still believed Namatame did it but knowing this game with its twists, I was convinced that there would be another "He/She's the REAL killer". So Namatame was a placeholder culprit.

If you asked Dojima who though.....
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I kind of suspected it was Adachi from the beginning from his behavior and I recognized his voice actor and figured he had to be important, but as the game progressed I figured it was someone that wasn't introduced yet. When they ask about vehicles that could move unnoticed right after Nanako is taken was when I realized it definitely had to be him, but they force you to go after the delivery truck angle.

As for the gas station attendant I initially suspected something was weird because the attendant had a strange voice like someone that is doing a bad impression and also the rule of white hair on young person = supernatural. However, I completely forgot about the attendant by the time the first dungeon was over. In my first play through on the PS2 version I missed the True Ending. Luckily I kept an extra save and I found out about the secret ending on the internet so I reloaded.
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At about mid-game, after the whole Mitsuo escapade, I realized that people with character portraits are important to the story (wondering why some loser kid with no name is asking Yukiko out and some kid in a blue hat that looked bloody effeminate both had dialogue portraits). Adachi has a portrait. If I didn't know that the Jester Arcana was added, I wouldn't have suspected a thing and the killer's case would go stone cold.
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I thought it was Yu's split personality when he first got a Persona.

But now I know better.
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Margaret XD.