I have never done a complete 180 with liking a character (Ai Spoilers)

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User Info: ArgentumVir

4 years ago#1
I seriously hated her ***** ass. Then when I figured out why she was like that I completely forgave her. When she asked the PC to date her, my heart broke when I turned her down (like I had to do with Yumi). I was doing a one love playthrough for my first game and I nearly cried when that happened. Seriously, moments like these make this game a 10/10 for me hands down.
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User Info: GSSAGE7

4 years ago#2
At least she takes rejection better than Yumi.

User Info: The_Limit

4 years ago#3
ArgentumVir posted...

*high fives*
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User Info: Cedicus

4 years ago#4
Haha, I thought I was the only one... I hated her at 1st until she started to open up and I totally changed my perspective of her. I like her a little bit more than Yukiko.
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User Info: DB-RB

4 years ago#5
sayoko was the one i changed my mind about. i thought she was a slut looking for underage teens to get in with.
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User Info: Drakillion

4 years ago#6
^ That was my first reaction as well.

I'm on the same boat. I pretty much labeled her as a ***** the first time and I completely ignored her after S.Link level one. NG+, I got curious and performed the S.Links that I didn't complete or activate and after finishing her S.Link, I feel horrible for making such a harsh statement :(

Still, I always ask, "How come it's THOSE types of girls that are like these but are secretly suffering inside?" Well, that's how I think of it from watching documentaries and hearing gossip from friends.
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User Info: SkybladeNox

4 years ago#7
I went the other way with Sayako. I liked her at first, since her personality fit with the theme of of arcana. But then she turned into just another boring character trying to over-compensate for a past failure, which is a ridiculously common theme in the game. Not necessarily bad, but with Sayako instead of adding depth to the character, it just made her bland and uninteresting.
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  3. I have never done a complete 180 with liking a character (Ai Spoilers)

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