What grinds my gears if Arena is canon leading into the Golden ending

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Blame the developers.
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Apparently, second tier Personas willrevert back to their original form when not summoned within some time.

The P3 cast kept their second-tier Personas, though. Even when their skills had deteriorated from underuse when the Answer came around.

It's been less than a year when the Answer happened, I think? I don't know, never played it.

Yet they obviously managed to fight often enough to maintain it in 3-4 years time, so I don't know anymore.

Arena takes place two months after Izanami was killed.
The Answer takes place 2 months after Nyx was sealed.
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I imagine it's easier to fit this into combat.

Than this.
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Spoilers ahead, I suppose? I don't want to black out large chunks of text.

It was a design choice. In Persona 4, if you didn't follow through with the social links you wouldn't see the 2nd tier Personae. As such, it was a conscious decision to go with the personae that everyone who played the game would have saw. They're more recognizable. Couple that with the fact that Persona 4: The Animation also opted to use the starting personae for the majority of the show only showing the powered up versions in episode 25. This could also explain, coupled with how complicated it would be otherwise, why Yu uses Izanagi and Izanagi-No-Ookami.

In Persona 3, every cast member has their persona upgraded as part of the story. As such, anyone who played the game would see all the upgraded persona.