Do you think that Persona 5 will ever become a reality?

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And yet, through all that. We still don't have a Final Fantasy 6 or Chrono Trigger remake.

Screw you Squeenix... Screw you... And screw you for doing a cease and desist on a NON-PROFIT fan made faithful 3D adaptation of Chrono Trigger for what many theorized to be because it would've impeded in the sales of your cheap GBA port of Chrono Trigger with no real interesting extra content except a small bit that tries it's best to, but most likely fails to, connect Chrono Trigger to Chrono Cross which it already has through another game that was never released in NA...

I know you've got the ability to make a good 3D remake Squeenix. I saw what you did with Romancing Saga's remake for PS2. You cannot tell me that it'd be impossible for you to do a remake of Final Fantasy 6 or Chrono Trigger. You just plainly cannot.
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They ported Chrono Trigger to Android and iOS but filled it with drm that requires you to be connected to the internet. I honestly would have bought it, had they not done that.
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Skaldskaparmal posted...
TheExiled280 posted...
Atlus is not $quare Enix

To be honest, with all the money-grubbng Atlus/Index has done in the past few years with their massive amount of ports (including games that aren't even half a decade old) and multiple pointless spinoffs, it's a little ironic to me that you would say "$quare Enix".

What money grubbing has Atlus done? Please explain
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Eh... I'll answer that one before going to sleep.

Persona 3 and 4 Manga. Persona 4 anime. Persona 3 movie trilogy in planning. Persona 3 remake (FES), Persona 3 port (portable PSP), Persona 1 remake (P1P), Persona 2 Innocent Sin remake (P2IS PSP), Persona 2 Eternal Punishment remake (P2EP PSP), Persona 4 Golden (Vita), Persona 4 Fighting Game, Persona social game (Cellphone, Japan only), Persona Music Live Concert, Persona merchandise and that's about it. Aside from that, there is a cameo of some Persona characters in another game in Japan but I forget what it was again. And you could count Catherine.

I can see why some would be sick of it. I for one don't really care. I've always wanted to have Persona 2 Innocent Sin translated and I got my wish. I own a PS1 copy of Eternal Punishment so I'm good to go on that side.

Persona 1 being re-translated properly is nice too and I for one appreciate it.

And right now I'm just borderline accepting it all. Atlus in Japan wasn't making enough money and got absorbed into Index and now they're capitalizing on their latest work before moving forward.

Again, I'm just borderline accepting it all right now. I've no stress or anything else, but I do know that if I hear any news about another Persona 4 related game, I'm going to start wondering here... A Persona 4 movie? I wouldn't mind. But if the next game related to Persona that I hear about isn't Persona 5. I'm going to have questions to ask and I'm not going to be in the best of mood about it.
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The annoyance at companies continuing to exploit their products is always kind of cute.
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