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3 years ago#1
Sorry for another fishing/sea guardian topic. I have read the rest, I know how and where to fish for it, I know how to read the water splashes to recognise it, I know to not hold O when it is not in the blue zone, I know to use triangle to quick reel. What I don't understand about the fishing mechanics:

- When is the quick reel triangle prompt supposed to pop up? Are there like zones in the water, if you manage to drag the fish closer to you passed a certain invisible line, it will pop up, then you have to drag it again (by holding O within the blue zone) closer thru another zone and it will pop up? Or is it time-based?

- What do I do when the triangle prompt comes up? Quickly press and release the triangle button or hold on to it?

- I can press the triangle button when the prompt comes up, regardless whether the needle is in the blue, yellow or red zone, right?

- What am I supposed to do with the left and right motion? Of course, when the needle is on the left, I try to move it right and vice versa. But is there a pattern to it or just totally random? Is there some animation of how my character holds the fishing rod or how the water ripples to give me a hint of what is coming next... or really totally random (so cheap!)?

- Do you keep your thumb on the analog stick all the time and keep shifting it left and right accordingly, or are you suppose to lift your thumb and only tap it to the opposite direction, then lift thumb again?

I am practically stuck at this and cannot (too risky to) proceed with the game until I can clear this (2nd playthru btw). My left thumb hurts so badly after every encounter (often I just have to give up mid way) that I need to take long breaks in between. Surely I am doing something wrong :(

Appreciate any help. TIA.
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3 years ago#2
The Quick Reel option seems to appear somewhat randomly. It's definitely connected to reeling in the blue - I've only seen it pop up after I've held O in the blue for a couple seconds.

Here's how you get the most out of Quick Reel:
When the option comes up to use Quick Reel, wait for the blue part to fully repopulate. Tap triangle, then hold O in the blue for as long as you can manage.

Quick reel works by boosting your next reel attempt, basically. Press triangle and the next time you press O, it'll reel in super fast, but once you let go of O, it's no longer a quick reel.

I always keep my thumb on the left analog stick.

After a little bit of practice, I'm able to catch guardians/sea guardians almost 100% of the time. Quick reel is VERY important, it's unfortunate that the game is not clear at all about how it works.
3 years ago#3
To answer other questions...

When it pulls left/right...there's no pattern. It's completely random. You have to finesse it.

If it goes into the red, even if you aren't reeling in, it'll strain the line as if you were reeling in yellow/orange, so do your best to keep it out of the red.
3 years ago#4
Kotetsu posted...
Quick reel works by boosting your next reel attempt, basically.

Oh that's how it works! I keep thinking the triangle itself is a reeling action. Thanks, I will try that out.
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