I'm in late January. When is Rise available?

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Whoops, that was an accident. Anyway, If you max the social link in January you're still able to get the 3rd persona. I got Kanji's after maxing him in January.
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It's already the 27th.

It's probably due to next week being exam week, if I remember correctly. So every classmate is busy studying. If teammates can still hang out during exam week, then I guess it's one of those days that Rise rather study with you than hang out.

Exams were still a week and a half away at that point, but maybe... I'm at the 30th now and just overheard students talking about exams being next week. Then after exams is the ski trip. Does this mean it's too late to get Kouzeon?
I maxed her out the second week of January. Haven't seen her at lunchtime since. Or maybe I did but opted to hang out with a different party member that day.

There's your problem. All party S.Links should be maxed before January. Or in your case, Rise's S.link should have been maxed by December. If you max it after december, 3rd persona transformation wont be available.

2/3, she finally approached me during lunch! Maybe you just need a few weeks between maxing out the link and getting the top tier persona, but it can definitely still be done.
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Rise's always available.
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13 posts.

Is that a record?
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I've maxed S Links in mid-January and still got the option to get the 3rd persona a few days later.
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