So um. What exactly is the point of Rise even having stats?

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3 years ago#21
Ginuwine_Import posted...
Her stats reflect her abilities with men. Endurance, luck etc.

Oh god DAMMIT I laughed.
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3 years ago#22
Niyel7 posted...
Chaosxmk777 posted...
Stranger yet, apparently a max level Fuuka in P3 has ungodly stats. YET THE WOMAN REFUSES TO EVEN HELP. HOW RUDE.

Fuuka and Rise are not supposed to be fighters. They help by analyzing

... That was his point, dude. His comment was a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that it was exactly the same way in P3- I suspect it's just for simplicity in coding, if not a necessity.
3 years ago#23
rabies_neko posted...
I thought Fuuka having stats and growth was so you would hold on hoping that eventually she would join you in battles, even if it's a one off. I kinda did.

I heard once Fuuka's stats were actually distributed amongst your party members once in battle...but idk.
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3 years ago#24
Does anyone get her stats to just all 2's when she gets her second Persona?

Also will her final stats (lvl 99) always be the same? I mean it only starts gaining stat points during her 3rd Persona. Will the game just give her the appropriate stats for her level whenever she gains her 3rd persona?
3 years ago#25
Her 2nd form is bugged, it sets her Persona's stats to the new base instead of modifying by the difference like the other characters. It still has growths afterwards, they just don't really matter since in Golden she'll likely have gained at least 20 levels (Mine was at level ~90), so you lose an enormous number of stat points.

The 3rd form probably won't fix it since if they were going to fix it they would have just fixed the 2nd form transformation which would be trivial.
3 years ago#26

this is the internet after all.
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  3. So um. What exactly is the point of Rise even having stats?

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