So I think II messed up with Naoto...(spoilers)

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So I'm on my first run through Golden and I'm trying to get/max as much as possible, notably getting all costumes. I heard the only way to get one of Naoto's costumes is to romance her and spend Christmas eve with her. I ended up maxing her link around December 20th or so and nothing happened that seemed to indicate I chose to date her. According to the wiki all I had to do was say "Because I love you" during her rank 8 event and everything would fall into place, however I don't remember getting an option to say anything like that. Can somebody tell me what I did wrong? My oldest save is right after her rank 7 event (12/3) if I can change anything.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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You also needed to tell her during the rank 6 event that you're glad she's a girl; you don't mention having done that. In that case, if your only save is after rank 7 I think you missed your chance.
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Ah I see, I remember saying something like her gender didn't matter at that point, I'm surprised they snuck that in there so early. That sucks, so I guess I'll have to leave some more stuff to motivate me for another playthrough then. Regardless, thank you very much kind sir or madam.