Golden Ending (obvious Spoilers)

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3 years ago#11
Yukiko's the best, imo.
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3 years ago#12
I didn't like Naoto's at all. It felt like too big a change to me. Rise's and Yukiko's were my favorite, and I thought Nanako looked cute. Chie looked different but good, and I didn't have an issue with the guys.
3 years ago#13
I liked Naoto's new look the best - it affirms my opinion that she's the most beautiful girl in P4.

Nanako was cute, and Chie looked sassy. Rise on the other hand looked goofy with that hair and Yukiko was plain, but none the less decent. The biggest shock was Kanji who looked less badass with that hair and white shirt XD
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3 years ago#14
Kanji was the best.
3 years ago#15
Yukiko didn't even change. She looks like a housemaid and looks pretty old for her age. Not milf old, grandma old.
3 years ago#16
Naoto will continue to grow her hair and a year later she will look like the pic below (left).
The right girl is Rise btw (taken out from official novel depicting Naoto after P4 Golden).
3 years ago#17
lockheart47 posted...
Holy crap, all the girls became 100% more adorable after what 4 months? except for yukiko. i dont like those bun hair styles. i honestly wasnt expecting that huge of a change for everyone. (did yosuke get a haircut? i cant tell) also... C'mon Dojima, the newcaster lady was OBVIOUSLY talking about Yu.

4 months?

Doesn't the Golden Ending take place a year after the True Ending and everything in P4A?
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