missed kanji?

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3 years ago#1
im half way into september and i cant unlock him for slinks and i wanna use him for the final boss since i got him in his 60s alrdy
3 years ago#2
There should be a girl next to the stairs on the second floor of the school that'll talk about bullying happening, after talking to her go to the practice building and speak to Kanji to start his S.Link.

If you can't find the girl come back another day
It's over, you've lost the game. -Near
I don't remember Redd White changing his name to Bandit Keith. Not even in America.-Aceburner
3 years ago#3
oh shes only there some days?
3 years ago#4
yeah I actually missed him completely on my first playthrough of the game back on PS2...i actually didnt even notice till near the end that I didn't even start a S link with him..but I must say the added content in P4 golden reallllllllly makes me like him that much more haha
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