Need some advice. (first playthrough) (some possible spoilers)

#1TowerBooks3192Posted 2/7/2013 4:07:20 AM
Its my first playthrough and the thing is I am kind of stuck with Yukiko on S.Link lvl 8(or 9 now)and Chie on S.Link lvl 9. I am confused on which one to choose for my first playthrough. I also started going out with Rise and I kind of neglected Yumi and Marie in this playthrough.

I know it sounds pathetic or ridiculous but the thing is its kind of hard for me to choose between chie and yukiko. The problem is they really remind me of 2 of my friends back in old country(not japan though) who has sort of the same attitude/personality as them.

Wow this game is so good I didn't expect to feel this way and remember some things about the time I spent with my friends especially with the 2 person who reminds me of yukiko and chie.
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Chie FTW

Yukiko strikes me a closest Yandere
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#3GSSAGE7Posted 2/7/2013 4:14:10 AM
If it's as hard as it sounds like, go with Rise, if only because she doesn't remind you of a friend.
If that doesn't work, go for Yukiko, because at least she stays good enough to keep in your party the entire game.
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The thing is I know that its important to have a high S.Link Lvl with your party mates as it unlocks some good skills, I know Rise is useful as well, I mean I just unlocked her Weakness scan or something but never got to try it yet.

As for looking at it with the Arcanas I am currently having and making in the near future, I kind of want to spend more time with the common ones like Yukiko and Chie or even Yosuke and Kanji rather than with Yumi (Sun) and Marie (Aeon) since I am in the mid 30s lvl and I rarely see an aeon or sun arcana that I could make (Gdon looked cool).

As for Rise, I am not sure if I saw a lot of lover personas that I could make so I am not sure if she is top priority but in terms of making decisions, she really makes things complicated though I am pretty sure I am going for either chie or yukiko this playthrough.

I really hate having sort of emotional attachments to things especially to people in this game. I also feel sorry for Nanako and Dojima ( I think I have Dojima at Lvl 5 and Nanako around 3-5 or something)
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Focus on party member slinks, Marie, Jester and Fox for daytime slinks for your first playthough. Justice and Hiero for night links. Everything else just focus on getting your stats maxed.

Those will get you the most out of your first playthough.