Never thought I'd become a weeaboo...

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Capitan_Kid posted...
Embrace the dark side TC. There's a bit of weaboo in all of us

Boom. Conclusion.
Thread is now meaningless.
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What the hell is a box of pocky?
"Big lizard in my backyard, i can't afford to feed him anymore"
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itis41269 posted...
What the hell is a box of pocky?
any of those.
Something Funny.
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I never knew you people were so touchy. Weeaboo isn't a swear word or anything. I actually got called that on the internet due to my obsession with this game, and I just made a joke out of it (that I won't repeat due to its adult nature). Hell, I call myself fat all the time, largely because it's true and partly because I don't give a damn.

The guy was just making a silly joke about unexpectedly loving such a Japan-centric game. Don't go off the deep end over it.
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