Worths to get a ps vita for this game?

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Gothmogz posted...
really?, if there many threads asking it, then the answer is yes.

For the love of God!! do yourself a favor and get this game because its so great, unless if its not your cup of tea then in would not be great for you.
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If you don't have a 3DS, get a Vita for this and for Virtue's Last Reward.
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Yeah I love persona battle system, and didn't play persona 4 before and also didn't like how skills were random, I enjoy the fixes they did on Vita. I think Vita is great but they dropped the ball on the propietary memory cards, I also have a lot of free games from plus.
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FScell posted...

Fixed that for ya.
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CronoDAS posted...
If you don't have a 3DS, get a Vita for this and for Virtue's Last Reward.

was gonna get that but after reading its a direct sequel to 999 then I qm a bit discouraged. I need to buy 999 first :(
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#17DrakillionPosted 2/9/2013 11:03:22 PM
Yes. Yes it is in my opinion.

If you REALLY want to play it, start saving up, but if you're still conscience about your money, buy it used.
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Persona 4 is a fantastic game. I purchased a vita to play it since I missed it on the PS2 and I just finished P3P on psp. It's totally worth playing.

However, the Vita itself doesn't have many good games. I got the Assassins Creed bundle, and took the game to gamestop to trade in the next day. It's horrible. Framerate is like 10fps in some parts, bad story, button mashing gameplay, I don't really see how it's so popular. Gravity Rush is pretty neat, but it's so short that it's difficult to justify the price. Ragnarok Odyssey is too "grindy" for me, it's more like an MMO that is single player than a "Monster Hunter" type game that people would lead you to believe. Disgea 3 is solid, if you haven't played it on the PS3 already that is.

The vita makes PS1 and PSP games look fantastic. The screen is nice, I find the vita more comfortable to hold than the PSP. It's just great all around. There are so many awesome RPG's that you can get on the PSN, FF9, Star Ocean 2, Ys7, Gungnir, MGS peacewalker, all of the great games from the heyday of JRPG's on the ps1 and psp.

Granted, you can get a used psp for like 50 bucks at a gamestop, and UMD versions of the games are on amazon for like 9 bucks, if there are any future vita games you are interested in (Ys: Memories of Celceta for instance), then it's worth buying the vita instead.

I would buy only Persona 4, maybe metal gear HD if you haven't played both of those games, disgea 3 if you missed it on the PS3, and Gravity Rush or Uncharted if you can find them used or cheap through the playstation plus thing (They are just too short, and have no depth).
#19jliddellPosted 2/10/2013 12:21:48 AM
For "Virtue's Last Reward", play the demo or watch a let's play for the first part of the game to see if you will even like it. Some people love that game, some people hate it.