The more I play this game, the more I want to play it on my TV.

#1Niyel7Posted 2/10/2013 4:55:26 PM
The Vita doesn't have a long battery life, so I don't play it much outside the house. Is there any way to connect the Vita to a HDTV?

I know the PSP can be connected to the TV, even though it doesn't go 16:9. I'm hoping there's a cord for a Vita that I can also plug into my this possible?
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1. Buy portable charger for $30
2. Play the game on low-mid brightness
3. Profit???

Im actually the opposite. The more i play some of my PS3 games, the more i wish i had a PSV version or the game supported remote play *cough*P4Arena*
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I heard that people who played Persona 4 Golden on their TVs alone at night disappeared and ended up dead, hanging from power lines. So Atlus had to make it Vita exclusive.
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Battery lasts pretty long to me, maybe I'm just use to how short the PSP one was. I mean hell if I left the PSP alone for a day or two, it'd be dead, Vita still had nearly full when I left it alone for a week. <_<

I mean I swear I've played like nearly the whole day and didn't have to charge.
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Niyel7 posted...
The Vita doesn't have a long battery life.

My advice? Get a Nyko Power Grip. Feels great and I was able to play Persona 4 Golden last night for like 4 or 5 hours and I didn't even touch the Vita's actual battery. Just the Power Grip. Been playing for 3 or 4 hours today already and same thing.
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