What level were you for each boss? (SPOILERS)

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3 years ago#1
Currently playing Very Hard mode
Just finished Mitsuo's dungeon
I only list MC's levels along with how I beat them. The others were usually below him unless they're new to the party.
You can list the future bosses too, I just want an idea of what level the majority of people were, despite any difficulty differences.

Ignore Yosuke.

Chie's Shadow - Level 4 - Angel/Izanagi. Started with Izanagi's Rakunda, and Yosuke Garu -> Guard. When she spams Mabufu, abuse guard and used Garu when her resist wears off

Yukiko's Shadow - Level 11 - Senri/Orobas. Had Yosuke abuse guard when prince escaped

Contrarian King - Level ? - I could not win without null physical. Physical mirrors would have worked if I bothered to farm them

Kanji's Shadow - Level 20; cheesed with Andra and Null Physical

Intolerant Officer - Level ? - I had Kanji, Chie, and Yosuke. I had Yosuke guard because it mostly used Bufula on him, but sometimes did the same to Chie (?!). Kanji Zionga -> Guard.

Rise/Teddie - Level 32 - For Rise, I used Pyro Jack so she used Fire break/Agi/Maragi/Agilao over and over again. For Teddie, King Frost with Null Physical did the job. Tetrakarn helped speed up the fight. Kanji was the only other survivor.

That Baby Thing - Level ? - Null Physical. and a bit of Tetrakarn to speed things up

Mitsuo - Level 36 - Drove me insane. Virtue with Bufula + Ice amp and Neko Shogun for Matarukaja and Marakukaja, Teddie on heal duty, Yosuke abusing magatamas (only had about 4 or 5; he dies anyways), Kanji on Power charge + Fatal end. Everyone had Ame-Otoko for the +100 HP. Magic Mirrors are very useful. He managed to rebuild once, and I spent most of my SP healing and using Matarukaja because of Gigadyne.

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3 years ago#2
On my last playthrough, MC levels:
Shadow Chie- 5
Shadow Yukiko- 14
Shadow Kanji- 26 (Around this time I said eff to a Max S.Link run)
Shadow Rise/Teddie- 35
Shadow Mitsuo- 48
Shadow Naoto- 61
Kunino-Sagiri- 74
Ameno-Sagiri- 83
Marie- 91
Izanami- 96

Power-leveled between Mituso and Naoto on Golden Hands. I do tend to try my best to stay around the level of the bosses
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3 years ago#3
gellotax posted...
I spend all my money growing corn. I looooooove them corn.

Dude, you gotta stop growin' that corn!

I can't stop, man! These corn' re on fire! RRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
3 years ago#4
lvl 1 all izanagi lvl 30 for all bosses
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3 years ago#5
On my current playthrough:

Shadow Yukiko: 13 (Obyarion with Hysterical Slap is perfect for this, use Senri for blocking Burn To Ashes and Red Wall)
Contrarian King: 16 (Bufula from Jack Frost destroys it. Use rebellion on Yosuke and hope for a crit/dizzy)
Shadow Kanji: 22 (Phoenix with Maragi, Mabufu, and resist physical. Jack Frost also works well here.)
Intolerant Officer: 24 (Narcissus with Zionga and Resist Physical)
Shadow Rise is free SP recovery.
Shadow Teddie: 31 (at this point I had null physical on Titania. Ose with Power Charge and Brain Shake racks up the damage; I actually defeated it with an all out attack. Also had Dekunda to keep the party from getting owned)
Momentary Child: 34 (Neko Shogun+ Chie and Teddie made 3 ice users. Teddie with the Blessed Hands can easily keep up with healing. All the guys had purple suits.)
Shadow Mitsuo: 41 (Black Frost with boost/amp/dyne. Had to use Diamond Shields to keep up with his damage while in the shell.)
Escapist Soldier: ? (It's really squishy, even against physical attacks, which it resists)
Shadow Naoto: 52 (Broteam ftw. Used a Skadi. Hilariously enough, this baited it into spamming Maragidyne)
Extreme Vessel: 55 (it didn't do much)
Kukino-sagiri: 63. I found lots of gold hands in Heaven, many of which appeared in groups of 5; in other words, the most lucrative encounter possible. (using magic mirrors at the right time trivializes this fight)
Ameno-sagiri: 72 (projected)
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