Where to watch the Anime in HD and preferably with English Dub?

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Rasolisu posted...
Unlike the Disgaea anime the P4 anime sticks pretty close to the source material up to the good end, all appropriate events happen as they should. While a lot gets compressed, some stuff gets expanded on which is where the anime really shines. (the anime makes ya like Nanako even more.)

They do tend to focus on comedic aspects a lot more like the party reacting to Shadow Kanji or Yu as he develops his slinks and personality.

Now you make me like to watch it even more! I think I will learn japanese on my spare time so I could import stuff from japan and multitask while watching anime.
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The best site I've seen so far (+ English Dubs) is:


You need to sign up, but it takes less than 3 minutes. And you can watch any tv show when on the day it comes out, the newest movies etc.

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I brought my blu rays and I am loving it.
Granted I used my X-mas giftcards.
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