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3 years ago#11
Rogue_Thoughts posted...
mistermikeymike posted...
see i dont get why people put all this work in for a trophy. i can understand if the trophys coincide with your goals (i.e. beating super tough final boss)

but if you have to go out of your way to get a trophy so you can show everyone how pro of a gamer you are then you're probably doing something wrong.

Or, you know, it could be for self satisfaction instead of trying to impress other people. Personally, I know it'll bother me to leave one trophy undone, so I'm trying to get it.

This. I love collecting trophies, not to show to them off but because it gives me goals to work towards. For me, it really adds a lot of replay value to games.
3 years ago#12
Is that trophy really hard? I just played normally in 1st playthrough and suddently got it during February 14 dungeon. I used every character, and I guess only one member from my group had fear status and ran
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3 years ago#13
TkMacintosh posted...
After 300+ hrs and being on my FOURTH playthrough...I finally did it...

I FINALLY got Hardcore Risette Fan trophy... :D

I couldn't be I can finally put the game down and go back to P3P for a while :3

Got my last four trophies today. Kanji was inflicted with Panic and I got it. I was so happy I even jumped up in the air like Snake after beating the final Vr Mission.
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3 years ago#14
As long as you're switching out your characters on a regular basis (so keeping them all at the same level other than the MC of course) nobody should have any trouble getting this trophy on first playthrough.

It's really just a matter of playing regularly with every character.
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