LMAO at Yosuke hitting on Yukiko in the dungeon convos

#1EmeralDragon23Posted 2/16/2013 1:27:01 AM
Yukiko: Friendship is such a wonderful thing... People say that there can be no true friendship between girls and guys,but I don't think so.

Yosuke:Nah, I think I'd have to agree there.I mean, there's just no way to avoid falling for them after a while. Anyways, Yukiko. You're free to ruin our friendship anytime you want, okay?

Yukiko:Ahaha... I doubt that day will ever come.

One day, my brother...don't give up! At least you didn't get slapped this time.
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#2GSSAGE7Posted 2/16/2013 2:33:49 AM
You want comedy? Try having Naoto in Kashiwagi's fanservice outfits. Yosuke's and Kanji's comments have her threatening arrest.
#3NeonOctopusPosted 2/16/2013 6:34:11 AM
If you f*** both Chie and Yukiko, then run into them in the dungeon, they'll start asking you why the other girl was in your room. It's pretty funny >_>

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Someday Brosuke. Someday. Just be glad people don't think you like Hanako.
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