differences between persona 4 and persona 3 characters

#21Inertion5Posted 2/22/2013 12:06:41 PM
I don't know, the P4 cast just seem like a bunch of "noobs" to me.
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Inertion5 posted...
I don't know, the P4 cast just seem like a bunch of "noobs" to me.

They are noobs! They never had any experience with shadows prior to the events of the game.
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#23terran3999999Posted 2/22/2013 12:14:40 PM
its like they already have a group established and they are well-funded and well organised.
....but there's a reason for that. Even then it wasn't that big of a group, previously it was max at three and that's not counting Yukari. And they weren't organized at all, remember how the Magician showed up knocking on the SEES' front door?

Also on the way people obtain their personas, in P3P its like all of them suddenly has a persona and they were sort of a group of chosen ones who could wander around the dark hour
It sorta feels that way but they were also the only group with access to the Evokers and SMT didn't want to directly use Philemon for some reason.

Not sure if it means anything but the P3 team, most of them, payed a very huge price for their evolution.
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Like adachi said the P4 team went into this rescue people thing because they were bored out of their ass and wanted something fun to do and thats really spot on, besides Yosuke the rest o the team lack a reason to get into the whole mess.

The P3 cast had their reasons to deal with Tartarus and at the end this group of unlike people formed a strong friendship that felt more elaborated than the P4 cast.
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