Persona Music FES 2013 starts tomorrow.

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3 years ago#1
Is there a list of tracks they're gonna play somewhere? I'm curious to see if Shadow World's gonna be in it, as well as Snowflakes.
3 years ago#2
It would be so awesome if they played Now I Know and Time to Make History, plus the songs you mentioned.
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3 years ago#3
Now I Know is another one I would love to see. Here's hoping.

They played Make History last year.
3 years ago#4
Time to Make History was played at the 2012 concert, so it wouldn't surprise me if they played it again this year. I'd love to see Now I Know live too, but since it's Kitajoh song as opposed to Meguro, it's unlikely that it will get played unless they decide to play more non-Meguro compositions. Since Arena and Golden are still the newest ones, it's possible they might play Shadow World and Snowflakes, but I have no idea. And I just looked it up, while the first P3 movie isn't out yet, the theme song has apparently been announced as More Than One Heart, so I can't say I would be surprised either way if it ended up getting played or not. But personally, I would love to see Main Theme (A, B, or Kimi no Tonari) from Innocent Sin and Brand New Days live. Unbreakable Tie would be pretty fun too.
Hinako danced crazy
3 years ago#5
FINALLY found the setlist!

True Story
Mass Destruction
Brand New Days
Aria of the Soul
P3 Fes
Burn My Dread Last Battle -
Beauty of Destiny
Key Plus Words
More Than One Heart
Now I Know
Your Affection
Pursuing My True Self
Deep Breath Deep Breath
Memories of You
Persona 4 Arena Medley
Best Friends
Burn My Dread
Time to Make History
Shadow World
Never More
Reach Out To The Truth

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3 years ago#6
Screw the concert, I'm getting tired of the whole "Just P3 and P4" deal, it's almost like Atlus is forgetting P1 and P2 ever existed.
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3 years ago#7
Ugh. I enjoy the OSTs for P3 and P4 a lot, but I don't really care for this Engrishy crap. P5 should ditch these people and go for either a Japanese artist who can actually speak English well, or tone down the J-poppy-ness altogether. This setlist could use more old Persona.
3 years ago#8
Now I Know was played yessssssssssss

Now to wait months before we get to hear it =(

EDIT: And True Story and Snowflakes and Shadow World. I approve of this concert.
3 years ago#9
And Brand New Days. Awesome. Admittedly, I'm a little surprised I called More Than One Heart too, although I really shouldn't be. It's easy promotion.

Though I'm a little disappointed that they ended with Reach Out to the Truth again. That's the second time in a row, and the first two concerts had it right near the end too. Not that I don't like the song, I just would like to see a bit more variety ending the whole thing up (or end it with Battle Hymn of the Soul again like in 2009. That song is epic enough to warrant it). Though I guess it's better than opening and ending the concert with it like they did last year, even if they were technically two different versions of the song ("Did they perform Big Red Car?" "They opened and closed the show with it. It... was awesome."). Or even end the thing with The Genesis. Even if it isn't the most fitting final boss theme, I still find it to be a very good song on its own with great buildup and an awesome payoff. Or The Bond of Everyone's Souls. I can't be the only person who thinks that'd be awesome live.
Hinako danced crazy
3 years ago#10
Crok425 posted...
Screw the concert, I'm getting tired of the whole "Just P3 and P4" deal, it's almost like Atlus is forgetting P1 and P2 ever existed.

Well, I wouldn't mind some Dream of Butterfly, but P3 and P4 are obviously drastically more popular than the previous ones.
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