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Battle of the P3/4 Socia Links (Spoilers) -- 'AEON' (Poll)
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How does one obtain the Persona Tzitzimilt? (Archived)Alias_Nemesis37/5/2013
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Kanji sums up the MC perfectly. (Archived)
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Battle of the P3/4 Social Links (Spoilers) -- 'SUN' (Poll)Exa_Man97/4/2013
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My first time through a Persona game.... (Archived)
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Got back to Persona after a break of 5 months...Alice Persona questions.... (Archived)
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Would P3 portable fill like too much of a step back? (Archived)
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Are Rise and Kanji BFFs or something? *Minor spoilers* (Archived)Rememberdaname77/4/2013
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Battle of the P3/4 Social Links (Spoilers) -- 'MOON' (Poll)Exa_Man107/4/2013
Could Anyone Take a Screenshot of the Fog on the Weather Forecst? (Archived)Kopiok57/3/2013
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